General features Market bags or athletic bags are used with the purpose of transporting the retail products sold in the markets by the consumer.
It can be used in grocery store. It is economical because it is thin and easy to use. Standard sizes are small, medium and large.
It is produced in every size and micron depending on the customer’s request, original and granular. It is economical due to the material used in production.
Stretch Film4
The use of stretch film is becoming more widespread in our country and it reduces the cost of labor and packaging expenses of the companies.
Roll is one of the most preferred packaging and protection materials. Areas Used
Shopping Bag1
Prints up to 8 colors and can be produced in desired color, size and thickness. Due to their flexibility, polyethylene-based shopping bags are the most commonly used materials
Bakery Bag
We specialise in supplying bespoke branded bags to the bakery sector in a range of styles. The varieties that we have on offer include:
Make a statement with printed laminated paper bags by POLİ & BAG Packaging. An elegant option for high-end brands, lamination lends a touch of class to luxury paper bags, while adding dimension to artwork, branding